Gestion Estrie Capital is now MB Capital

After 28 years of operation, private equity firm Gestion Estrie Capital changes its name to MB Capital. The name change and the new image is part of the company’s international expansion and internal succession plan.

MB Capital has currently invested in a dozen manufacturing, distribution, and service companies located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Montreal’s South Shore and most recently the Detroit area in Michigan. The company specializes in acquiring SMB’s lacking a succession plan.

For the company’s president Mario Beaudoin, this rebranding is a first step towards progressively passing down the management of the day to day activities of the company to the regional directors.

“Our objective in the coming years is to ensure the growth of our portfolio companies and proceed with the acquisition of four to six new companies. The new structure in place will facilitate the achievement of our objectives,” states Mario Beaudoin, who will remain Chairman of the company.

At the same time, Gestion Montérégie Capital, MB Capital’s sister company becomes MB Capital Montérégie. The activities on Montreal’s South Shore are under the direction of Louis-Charles Durocher, associate director and son of the late Claude Durocher who was a partner in Gestion Estrie Capital for over 15 years. The Eastern Township region is now under the direction of Maxime Beaudoin and MB Capital International will be directed by Mathieu Beaudoin.

Mathieu Beaudoin
Associate Director
MB Capital International
(614) 330-9146

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