Bertrand Docks Inc. Changes Ownership

Sherbrooke, May 4, 2022. – Bertrand Docks Inc., a company specializing in the manufacturing of boat lifts and residential and commercial docks, transfers its ownership to the family investment company MB Capital and Mr. Mario Aubé.

After 23 years within the company, including 11 years as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fucina took the decision to retire and transfer the company to a group of local investors. Founded in 1995 by Mr. Louis Bertrand, then transferred in 2011 to outgoing co-shareholders Jean-Claude Fucina and Stéphane Hegi, the manufacturing company that employs nearly thirty employees is particularly recognized for its quality products among lovers of leisure and water sports.

With nearly a hundred distributors across Canada and in the Northeastern United States, the company has developed and perfected its products for both residential and commercial customers so that the company’s reputation is well established.

With this change of hands, the investor group not only wants to preserve jobs and the head office in the Eastern Townships, but also aspires to the growth and development of the company.

Despite his retirement as a shareholder, Stéphane Hegi said he was ready to take on other challenges with the new administration and chose to remain with the company for a few more years.

For nearly 30 years, MB Capital has been financially involved and supports SMEs in Quebec and the American Midwest by providing them with the necessary resources to achieve sustained and profitable growth. MB Capital has stakes in nearly 20 companies that employ more than 1,250 people and generate a business volume of more than $250 million.

The new partners are very proud of this acquisition and aim to continue the long-term development of Bertrand Docks Inc.


Mr. Louis-Charles Durocher
Managing Partner, MB Capital

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